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Welcome to my 9csi internet website. This will be used for my assesment on the internet in term 2

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what is the internet?

here are some of the internet topics


the browser is something you can serch with to get to diffrent websites. some browsers include firefox, google, google chrome, duck duck go. the first browser created was made by tim burnes lee. A Browser is currantly the only way to get onto the internet.

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the user is the person that is using whatever their using henceforth the name user. a sentece you could use for user is "You are the user because you are using something to read this right now.


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A webpage is one of the things you look up usually, a webpage is something that someone has made for the internet, the definition of a webpage is a hypertext document connected to the World Wide Web some webpages could be neocites


a device is something that you use to connect to the internet a example of a device is the computer or laptop our using right now to veiw this site; some other devices include phones of any type a x-box a ps4 and there can be many more types out there allready and yet to come with the advancement of technology

Digital devises

Digital device

world wide web

the world wide web is well the world wide web, its were its users can go and serch things up and use the internet. a brief undestanding of the world wide web or the web would be that the world wide web is a part of the internet that contains websites and webpages, it was created by Time Burners-Lee in 1989 at CERN , geneva, switzerland. Useing that bit of infomtion we now know that we use the world wide web everyday from this site to games and even google.


ISP means Internet Service Provider. At home my family uses spark .In new zealand we can use 2degrees,voderphone and spark, but there are hundreds more around the world more around the world!

here are some of the internet topics for merit


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a modem is the thing that you use to connect to the internet


the network is a a

bibliography, were i sorced my infomation